Consulting and Training Bangkok

Consulting and Training Bangkok

The Consulting and Training Bangkok service is dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of big growth.

All companies are born and take their first steps under the total control of the owner/entrepreneur, who generally performs all the necessary tasks by making use of its employees for unskilled labour.

There comes a day when the holder’s time is not enough anymore. The company grows, the commitments are increasing and you begin to feel the need for qualified help and trusted. You choose usually the most trusted of its employees, his wife, or a new employee with proven experience to entrust the control of certain phases of your process.

You need a manager

Being manager is matter of attitude and not ability. The manager has a difficult task: managing the work of others with their work. Must therefore be formed differently from an employee. Around your manager you will need to create procedures, documents, checks, step, and whatever else makes it independent but perfectly controllable. In practice you have to limit the power giving it power.

We have created procedures for years in several Nations, handling of start up of multinational companies. We have trained employees and managers, in collaboration with companies of the field of management training. If you are looking to make the big jump thinks our consultancy and training Bangkok suits you.

How does consulting and training Bangkok program work?

The program takes place in three steps;

  1. We spend some time with you and your employees in the company, figuring out your procedures and criticality.
  2. Develop a training plan for the employee (or employees) to be inserted and educate properly according to plan that we will introduce you and you get approved
  3. We will be available for a few weeks the entry to verify the effective compliance procedures. Otherwise, we will adjust the results of the feedback

The training can be done at your location or at our Bangkok Office, in Asoke.

The cost of this kind of programs varies depending on the type of your activity and the trainer you’ll ever need. If you have evaluated the possibility of resorting to a headhunting agency or temporary work, this program will reveal itself surely competitive in terms of price and results.

Form a new manager: a practical example

Your company has started selling online via a new e-commerce site. The need is to train a person to manage sales and social site. This position can go to invoice the 40% of your total, if in the right hands. But it could damage the image of your company if mishandled. Who to hire or elect? A computer engineer? a developer? Turn them into sales engineers?

We think so: need someone with great communication skills and creative abilities. Online sales it is pure communication. Social marketing’s creativity and communication at the same time. Your manager will have a “humanistic” but the profile will be supplied a technician base to fully understand their work. We will create for you a Communicator which if necessary smanettera ‘ in the code of your site to make the changes it considers necessary. But you have approved thanks to an ad hoc procedure. Interesting, isn’t it?

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Consulting and Training Bangkok
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The Consulting and Training Bangkok service is dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of big growth. Contact us for more info!