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Healthcare Market Expansion Service

Business Expansion

Want to enter in ASEAN Market? Thailand is your gateway. Our team of senior consultants will support your project…



Is your new project in need of specific competences, but you don’t know where to find them? Temporary Management is your solution…



Healthcare Products

Are you importing/exporting Healthcare from/to your Country? We have a dedicated Business Unit for this project. We Import, store, distribute…



Start Up

We are beside you in the most delicate period of your Company: first months of activity, when you fight to find your space in new market…


Project Management Thailand

We support companies from many sector, specially in Healthcare, Herbal Extracts, Medical Devices, to find their way in Thailand and ASEAN Markets.

Installing a new business project in Thailand is not easy. Due to huge difference in culture, laws, rules, and customs, the process of localization of the product and relocation of persons and company can be tough. A professional help will sure be beneficial for your business, and will make you save time and money. Someone expert in local rules, with a team of Thai specialist, can avoid your projects many bottlenecks and unpredictable issues. This is Siam Trade Development core business, Consulting Services Thailand.

We will be your sole contact for legal, commercial, logistical deals. We support and enhance your company’s growth without affecting your finance.

Siam Trade Development coordinates a pool of companies and professionals from its One Stop Office. Contact us now, to know how we can support your project.

Business Expansion Unit

You don’t want to move to Thailand, but only sell your product on one of the most attractive markets? Or, are you looking for herbal and healthcare products from Thailand?

Our Healthcare Business Unit is your solution. We have exclusive partnerships with primary companies in healthcare and medical devices sector. We coordinate their warehousing, logistic, and web-marketing. You can now distribute your products from your Country by using our Consulting Services Thailand, Healthcare Business Unit by Siam Trade Development.


Market Expansion Program

Market Expansion Program

We support your expansion in Thai and ASEAN Market with tailor-made services:

  • Market Expansion
  • Temporary Management
  • Healthcare Business Unit
  • Licence Holder Program
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Accounting and Auditing

We coordinate a group of Companies in Legal, Accounting, Transport, Medical, Herbl, Marketing sectors.Siam Trade Development, Consulting Services Thailand for your growth.

Company Start Up

Company Startup

We are beside you during your Incorporation and Start-up in Thailand, with our services:

  • Company incorporation
  • Working Permits
  • WEb Promotion
  • Import/export
  • Product distribution in Thailand
  • E-commerce
  • FDA Licences

Siam Trade Development is leader in Consulting Services Thailand.

Healthcare Business Unit

Healthcare Business Unit

Our Healthcare Business Unit supports you in your Market Expansion project towards Thailand and ASEA Countries. If you want to import to your country Herbal Products, where Thailand is a leading producer, or if you want to export Medical Devices to ASEAN, Siam Trade Development will take care of your Project. Import/export operations, warehousing, logisitcs, distribution, licence holding, and sales network auditing.

  • Licence Holder Program
  • Licence Holding and Distribution Program
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Import/export
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Healthcare Sales Network development

And more, we promote your Brand through traditional channels and media, in Thailand and nearby countries, by assigning with you a right budget. Siam Trade Development, leader in Consulting Services Thailand.

Temporary Management

Temporary Management

Our Temporary Management Service is dedicated to Companies with new ongoing projects or with new products to be launched on ASEAN Market. In Placement phase, is normally not practical to use sales reps and distributors (you don’t have the control of your brand), and relocating your managers can turn out in a big expense and a long process. With our fixed-term service, we guarantee  a total control of your brand and a full protection of your intellectual and financial interests.

  • Project Management
  • Licence Holder Program
  • Product placement Thailand
  • Customer Service Management

With our Consulting Services Thailand you can control your company in Asia while comfortably sitting in your office, in your Country! Siam Trade Development, leader in Consulting Services Thailand.

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