Distribute New Products Thailand

Distribute New Products Thailand

After the paperwork to incorporate your company or your local unit and after having organised Office and warehouse (or kitchen and procurement or production and storage …) it’s time to distribute your product. If you have a store or restaurant or hotel, it’s said that this part there interests. In fact your distribution may take form of catering, wholesale, franchise, e-commerce

We consider here the example of a classical distribution, as might be the case of an importer of wines. The warehouse retail: How can we help you?

Organize a sales network

Select sales representatives and provide them with the right tools to sell: catalogues, samples, media (videos, tutorials, product training, site, etc.). Procedures for orders, payments, balance commissions, payment of withholding taxes (obbligatorier services), etc. Deploy new products Thailand means that too.

Sales channels: e-commerce

It’s said that e-commerce is only dedicated retail (B2C, B2C bisuness). A sale-enabled site can also have a section for the B2B (business-to-business), where your customer can log on and order large quantities of product getting automatically the discount wholesale. Or the site can have simple online catalog function as support for the commercial network. This we will decide together with you.

Organization orders and stock

Until the business is small you can manage orders and warehouse with the classic excel tab. But as your business grows (and here in Thailand will grow soon …) you will need a more professional approach. Why not think about it now and avoid later changes in the race, leading inevitably to the discomfort? You’ll have it figured out while surfing on our site, it is our philosophy: better roganizzare their activity expecting rapid growth rather than being in a few months in reorganizing all over again. The difference in cost is minimal, and the benefits are (and will be) huge.

Then: organize your inventory and orders management professionally, thanks to the cloud, or simply due to the functionality of your site: basically everything is just a click away, sales, customer files, mailing lists, first note, warehouse, sales stats, etc.

Our program “Distribute new products Thailand” is, like all our services, modeled according to your needs, your expectations and your budget.

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Distribute New Products Thailand
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Distribute New Products Thailand
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Distribute New Products Thailand: you can be a company in Europe, or a newco in ASEAN. Whatever your need is, we can distribute your product in Thailand!