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Many companies and organizations have interesting things to say. But no one who will listen to them. Over the past 10 years the explosion of the Internet has created a very strong competition on the net. It’s not easy to find partners interested in our arguments. What can we do?

  1. take proactive steps, doing propaganda to the object of our communication (a product that we sell, a concept that we want to disseminate, etc)
  2. leave our potential partners by allowing them to come and listen to what we have to say.

Both strategies are fair, valid, and to follow.

Put online a site without a proper SEO optimization does not serve to practically nothing. A site that is not promoted by 0 produces at 5 hits a day. We can take them in the order of small investment with tens, hundreds, thousands, depending on what we deal with.

Our SEO Thailand optimization plan involves two steps:

  1. Optimizing keywords, text, images and structure of the existing site or a proper organization of the site that we are planning.
  2. checking the results obtained and any corrective action.

How does Google indexing?

Given that google handles 90% of searches in the world, it is our intention to create a site that “like” to Google. That is, that google are qualified, content rich and plausible. Moreover the visitor attracted by SEO must be pleased with what you’re looking for. Therefore, if you sell ice cream in Thailand, needless to attract visitors looking for sweets: leave the site after two or three clicks and Google will derive a negative impression by their behaviour. Therefore: better fewer visits but tailored.

This is just one aspect of SEO Thailand. You’re probably wondering: why “Thailand” after the words “SEO”, right? Why are the keywords of this page. That, combined with many other keywords in other pages, which are organised according to a precise and accurate texts page structure (and a few secrets that will allow us to not tell you now) have ensured that you have arrived here.


You are right: Siam Trade Development can optimize your existing site for search, or develop a new one which will appear in a few weeks in the first few pages of google. And on the front page after a few months. Contact us now via the form below, and indicate the address of your site. We will make an analysis and we will contact you shortly.

We came in a month where our competitors have arrived in years. Your company deserves the best!

Contact us for any information or to ask for a quotation. It's free!

SEO Thailand
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