Still life photoshoot Thailand

Still life photoshoot Thailand

We produce Still life photoshoot Thailand for our customers. At the base of your company’s communication there is first of all your image. You introduce yourself to your customer by providing you with your menu, or a catalog, or a website … Anyway the pictures will speak about you and your product.

Photographing inanimate thing is harder that portray a person. The thing has no expressions, not moving, it does not communicate any feeling, per se. The secret lies in the light and depth of field.

Which of the two products in photos you feel more “palatable”?  Left a simple DIY photo camera with semi-professional, ambient light and flash. On the right the same camera with the help of two softboxes and light contrast. Same time to carry them out, completely different results.

There is also the technical aspect of the thing. The resolution, this unknown … Many times we’ve had to work on a flyer with photos from 50 kb provided by the customer. If we had used the result would have been awful: blurry and grainy. “Made Me a photographer friend” is usually the comment dellígnaro client, you see Bill figures important to research and buy photos from databases like shutterstock.

Professionalism helps for selling

Contact us now and tell us about your product. We will find the best solution together to present it to your clients. A photo shoot indoors, outdoors, in the studio, with models, or any other solution. Our Department for photoshoots Thailand is at your service for the ideal solution. With a figure ranging from 100 to 250 THB per product, you can have your products professionally photographed in format suitable for print or for the web. In case you want to optimize them or retouch, no problem. We also do this.

Everything you always just to avoid copyright issues, have a professional image, and sell better? Contact us now for a quote!

Contact us for any information or to ask for a quotation. It's free!

Still life photoshoot Thailand
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Still life photoshoot Thailand
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We produce Still life photoshoot Thailand for our customers. At the base of your company's communication there is first of all your image. Contact us now!