Web Marketing Thailand

What does a Marketing consultant do

What does a Web Marketing Thailand consultant do? Its task is to improve your image, your communication and your client portfolio, thus increasing your business and sell your products or services. Can do it via the web or via traditional B2B and B2C channels. The strategies are different but the purpose is always the same: grow your business.

Web Marketing Thailand

It is often thought that web marketing is a matter for experts in Social Media Marketing or SEO or Adwords campaigns or Facebook ADS.

Partly true, but the web marketing is just a branch of activity is more important for your business: marketing, at the base of which there is pure communication.

Here come into play people and their experience. Our CEO has 20 years of experience in marketing and sales, with dozens of different products. What does it mean?

The experience is not always synonymous with efficiency: many managers are selling the same product for 20 years, solely because the product sells itself. Try to sell limpermeabilizzazione products on the Chinese market to a manager who has sold for years. If it succeeds, then that’s a marketing expert! If then led several companies in other sectors still on the front page of google within a short time, and has increased from 5% to 30% of total sales in the online channel, well … What is your web marketing consultant!

A consultant really loud, it’s also able to realize yourself a communication campaign in the press if necessary, and if you need know put your hands in the code and knows how to build a site from scratch or revisions and completely change what you have.

We know many markets

We have experience in many industries, from food to furniture, the petrochemical to cosmetics, services … We know what to look for your customers and we know how to find us. We can follow the stretgia of your sales network or use the web as an alternative channel … What? You don’t have a network? Discover how we can accomplish together.

How much is it?

Much less than you might think, nothing compared to the benefit that he’s your business: the web 24/7 works without control. Contact us today for an exploratory talks about web-marketing opportunities for your business. We can meet you in Bangkok (Asoke) or to Ayutthaya (Wang Noi). Use the form and tell us briefly what you’re thinking.

Contact us for any information or to ask for a quotation. It's free!

Web Marketing Thailand
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Web Marketing Thailand
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