Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In Customer Relationship Management (CRM) campaign we aim 4 results:

  1. Keep the customer
  2. Improve the relationship with important customers
  3. Build customer loyalty
  4. Make the customer a Prosecutor (Ambassador) by R.a. T., or total active reference.

In most cases we make use of distance communication, mainly email.
In fact, if social media and direct marketing are useful in procure new customers, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) campaigns use e-mail.

Siam Trade Development can provide CRM services and remarketing to your online sales and new product launches.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) DIY? No thanks!

Corporate communication is a very sensitive subject, and content thereof must be targeted and effective. Think to delegate management of the loyalty of its customers at an employee not prepared (or worse ignore it at all) would be a big mistake. At little cost you can make use of our services there Customer Relationship Management (CRM). To contact your customers or new established cadences possible customers agreeing with you on budget, the subject of the message, any promotional offers, and with graphics and eye-catching and effective.

An email campaign is to be explained in 60/70 words, few figures and precise times depending on our target. Let’s see what happens in a campaign:

  1. Remark: know your customers it is crucial. For this we will need to obtain from him some basic data (name, surname, residence, birthday) ediniziare to occupy it with initiatives that make communication and two senses. This work begins by thanking you for your first order and continues over time …
  2. Planning: deciding how we act and what we will propose to the customer after we will open a communication channel. That’s going to give us. More will pass the time (after the first phase of enthusiasm) more we will strive to make him feel the Centre of attention and having him of reactions.
  3. Realization: effective communication is also a question of perception, comprehension and reception. We cannot control the stages following receipt of the message, but we can create clear and effective communication. The hard part is, of course, on how …
  4. Testing and optimization: a campaign of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs analysis tools, to define the analysis tools, and to achieve the goals. Generally it acts according to a structured plan of A/B testing, which will give us a winning strategy in the medium term.

Well, everything we do for you and with you.

We propose a communication plan based on:

  1. Communicative simplicity
  2. Attractive design
  3. Message clearly defining user benefits
  4. A strong call for action.

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Customer Relationship Management
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Customer Relationship Management: Corporate communication is a very sensitive subject, and content thereof must be targeted and effective. Call us now!