strategic planning Thailand

Strategic Planning Thailand

Strategic Planning Thailand consists in a fully detailed study of your reference market, including: a complete marketing plan, regulatory dossier, bureaucratic fulfillment, study of competitors and market segmentation. It will show you unexpected Opportunities and Threats!

Planning will allow you to meet distributors and prospects with a full knowledge of the market, avoiding any bottleneck caused from “unexpected” rules or non-compliance of your product.

As complementary service for this program we can follow you in your FDA registration, be your licence holder, support you in opening a local branch if needed.

Strategic Planning Thailand is one of the pillars of your market expansion in Thailand. You won’t need to hire a local manager or to have frequent travels to Thailand. We can support you as your local unit during Product Placement and Consolidation phases.

Strategic Planning Thailand is implemented with other services:

The Service can be Temporary (normally 3 to 6 months) or long-term. It is always tailor-made and created TOGETHER WITH YOU

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In the company, the person most indicated to decide our interest is not us. We are emotionally involved, and we may not see the reality with the right eyes. (Ray Dalio, Principles)

 What are the advantages of Strategic Planning?

  • You will have in normally 15 days a full report on the market of your interest
  • It gives you a detailed picture of legal, regulatory, bureaucratic aspects related to your product
  • Gives you safety as data and rules are first-hand-information ONLY from official sources
  • Avoid any surprise related to some ban or special licence required for your product
  • Gives you a deep study of the market and the major players
  • Allow you to make your decisions based on REAL facts and figures
  • Save your time avoiding you long researches on the Internet that must be in local language
  • Optimize the cost of your trip to Thailand. No need to visit offices and institutions: just meet you leads!

Siam Trade Development applies these concepts to your Market Expansion Program, offering the service of Strategical Planning for your Distribution project, for the development of your sales network, for your new Business Unit in Thailand.

If you are a Company:

  • Opening a new branch in Thailand
  • Launching a new product (or product line) in Thailand
  • Looking for Distributors in Thailand, but have no knowledge about local regulations
  • Considering to attend a Fair in Thailand

Our service of Strategic Planning is for you. Contact us for further information

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    Strategic Planning Thailand
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    Strategic Planning Thailand will show you unexpected Opportunities and Threats for your market expansion to Thailand. Visit us if you want to know more!