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Many small and medium sized businesses are asking us to import A4 paper, Healthcare products, machinery, food, raw materials. Small businesses are not structured so they can deal with bureaucracy, customs duties, and import licenses autonomously: they always need a consultant to know which route to choose at the right time.An error in the documentation makes you risk blocking your container or your perishable commodity that you have shipped so in rush by air. Solving the problem will cost you amounts that will make your imports, at best, not profitable.Let’s look at two of the most common cases of Import Export Assistance Thailand: the export of A4 paper and the import of healthcare products.

How do I check my A4 paper vendor?

Most companies without a local office can not verify the reliability or even the actual existence of the suppliers they are in contact with. In case of fraud, down payments are almost never recoverable; the number of scammers claiming to be Thai manufacturers is awesome,  and most of time they turn out to be small, hidden hijackers in India or in Central Africa. Paper A4 supplies are the main ground where dozens of scammers act almost undisturbed victimizing every day. To know more about A4 paper import read here.Better think about it before, and set the import (or export) properly, with proper due diligence, right documentation, the right consignee, and the correct harmonization code. Generally, shippers at the origin and destination give you conflicting information that can lead you to error. Often these are mere nuances, other times real obstacles! Have you ever spent a day at the customs office in Suvarnabhumi to check out a personal package? Have you ever been asked for unpaid duties for your door-to-door?

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Store and distribute products in Thailand

If you are an European company and want to distribute your products in Thailand without having to create a local unit, we can offer you an integrated solution.We take care of your product from your production plant: shipping by sea (or by air if needed) to Thailand, clear custom and import, offer storage at competitive prices and following your instructions (refrigerated container, controlled temperature warehouse, etc.). Distribute to your customers (channel management), even in the case of Business to Consumer distribution.This will allow you to start distributing your products in one of the most reactive markets in the world, with no problems or additional costs. You will receive updates, information, reports at predefined intervals, and everything you will have to do is deal with your sales.

Import Export Assistance Thailand
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Import Export Assistance Thailand
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Import Export Assistance Thailand:a simple mistake in documents can turn out your start up in a loss of money. Ask our consultancy before shipping!