Get the Working Permit

Get the Working Permit

Get the working permit requires companies to carry out precise rules of capital, taxation, wages and the number of employees. The Thai Alien Employment Act lays down the rules that seem to more complicated and ‘ unwelcoming ‘ but in fact guarantee Thai citizens the right protection to foreign competition.

The first step to get the working permit is to have a Non-Immigrant. The second is to keep always in mind that foreigners cannot do work their foreclosed from Thai Alien Employment Act. In general the work “prohibited ‘ are those related to the workforce and some professions like doctor, architect, lawyer, etc. Once we have verified that the location is consistent with the law, we can move on to the next step.

Tax and capital requirements

  1. The minimum share capital must be of 2 million Baht (fully paid up) for each foreigner employed.
  2. Alternatively the company if in the previous year has paid at least 5 million Baht of corporate tax.
  3. If the company operates in the export sector, as an alternative to the first two points could prove a turnover of at least 3 million Baht of foreign sales for each employee with up to three foreign employees

Relations between Thai and foreign workers

You need at least 4 thai workers regularly employed (make text Social Security payments, Prakan Sankom) each alien, foreign with up to 5 employees.

Minimum wage

A minimum wage is due for foreigners by country of origin:

  • Canada, Japan, United States 60.000 THB
  • Europe, UK, Australia 50.000 THB
  • Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan 45.000 THB
  • China, India, Indonesia, Middle East, Philippines 35.000 THB
  • Africa, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Viet Nam 25.000 THB
  • Journalists working for Thai heads 20.000 THB

The list of documents to be produced to get the working permit can be summarized as follows:

  • A request is issued by the Thai Labor Department
  • The Managing Director of this company sends a letter of invitation to the candidate
  • A complete set of documents (affidavit, list of members, certificate of incorporation) is issued by the company.
  • Introduces the balance sheets for the past three years of the company. In case of New Company requires a formal letter to the Managing Director.
  • Receipts of payment of fees and withholdings of payment by the employer
  • A clear photo descirizione with job site map
  • Recent copy of your Passport (photo page and the last entry) of the worker signed
  • A recent medical certificate
  • The worker’s picture
  • Graduation certificate or any certificate that demonstrates superior technical skills. The document can be in English.

As you can see it’s not easy for the neophyte. Our advice can accelerarti time and avoid travel outside of the country (the working permit must be issued while the worker is out of the realm) would cost you a lot more of our advice.

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    Get the working permit requires companies to carry out precise rules of capital, taxation, wages and the number of employees.