Schengen visa for Thais

Schengen visa for Thais

Siam Trade Development offers through its network of professionals on Thai Visa service to Italy. The Thai ordinary citizens wanting to visit the Schengen zone for tourism, work, family reunification, study or sport can contact us to interface with the Italian Embassy in Bangkok in order to obtain quickly and with little effort.

Schengen visa for Thais types are:

Tourist (Schengen visa)

The most used Schengen visa for Thais. It allows for a limited time, max 90 days in the Schengen area countries Thai citizen travelling for tourist purposes. The citizen must demonstrate certain requirements: means of subsistence, return ticket, availability of a rental or hotel reservation, any invitation letter by a resident, and other documentation at the discretion of the consular office. In Bangkok are particularly demanding and require many other requirements.

Business visa (Schengen Area)

allows the entry to an alien who wants to travel for business or commercial purposes. Requirements: documentation showing the AEO status-commercial, proof of purpose of trip, invitation letter and certificate of the host company, economic means of sustenance, roundtrip airfare, hotel reservations.

Family reunification

It’s not expected in Italy a specific visa for travel to celebrate wedding in Italy. Should celebrate the wedding before in Thailand and then travel to Italy. Family reunification in order need the authorization issued by the competent police station. This applies both to the spouse for the children of the Italian citizen.

Medical Care

Allows for long or short term holiday aimed to the enjoyment of medical care to the patient and eventually to an attendant. Requirements: structure declaration with indication of the type of care, start date and duration, cost alleged. Attestation of all certifying payment of at least 30% of the amount due. Proven resources, travel document and finally Authorize Ministry of health for care to be.


Allows access to over 15 with minimum schooling paid wishing to practise a profession province not subordinate. Requirements: no subsistence of impediments to the granting of certification; certificate of the Chamber of Commerce or competent professional order; certificate of registration in the commercial register; availability of accommodation, police clearance and other documents at the discretion of the authority.

Paid employment

Allows access to over 15 with minimum schooling paid that they are asked to perform work activities in the subordinate character. Requirements: work permit not older than six months, the provincial employment clearance, authorization of the police headquarters.


Allows access for over 14 years who want to take part in educational or vocational training courses at approved institutions. Requirements: age over the age of 14, documented guarantees about the course of the study, livelihood, health insurance policy.

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    Schengen visa for Thais
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