Thailand Visa

Thailand Visa

There are different types of Thailand Visa

Visa On arrival

Not exactly a visa but a stamp to date that is affixed to the passport upon entry into Thailand. Normally lasts for a month, it’s free and doesn’t require any documents other than a Passport 6 months remaining validity

Extension for tourism

You can get a visa extension On arrival to 30 days presenting immigration offices and filling out a form TM7 in English language together with a photo ID, copies of passport (page with photo and visa page) and a fee of THB 1900. See website of the immigration

Tourist visa

must be requested in Italy at one of the Thai consulates. Has 2 months validity and can be extended for another 30 days in Thailand. At the discretion of the consulates in Italy can be multi-entry with 2 or three released revenue, allowing then to remain in Thailand up to 6 non-consecutive months (you’ll have to leave the country two times). It’s not possible to remain in Thailand silver over 6 months talking;; a year with tourist visa.

Non-Immigrant B

dedicated to those doing business or who’s been hired by a company operating in Thailand. Must be requested in Italy before departure. It is normally issued for a period of three months, during which we get a working permit, which gives right to see “One year Stay Permit, valid for one year. Alternatively, every three months we leave the country and apply for other visa B for new periods of three months.

Non-immigrant or

This visa must be requested in Italy before leaving. Who qualify who is married to a Thai citizen or has more than 50 years and a pension of at least 65,000 THB per month. Alternatively you have to demonstrate that they have deposited in a Thai Bank a minimum of 400,000 THB (800,000 in some provinces, inform yourself before …). We also produce many documents to prove the actual residence in Thailand. Everyone under 50 married with Thai nationals will have to demonstrate, if not holding working permit, an income of at least 40,000 THB per month certificate from the Embassy.


Who exceeds in his stay in Thailand commits an offence. If lóverstay is only a few days you’d pay a fine of 500 THB per day at the start but you will be reported to immigration. Three warnings lead to permanent ban to enter into the Kingdom of Thailand.

Thailand visa for entrepreneurs

If you are an investor and you’re opening a company in Thailand have many different procedures for getting a visa, depending on whether you are married or not and who wants to stay for short periods or permanently. Therefore the Organization of your company going to be adjusted according to your position: number of employees, capital, shares, etc.

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