Thai FDA registration


Register Medical Devices, Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics, Drugs

Thai FDA registration for foreign companies with License Holding and warehousing

Register your healthcare products in Thailand.
And let us hold your license!

Siam Trade Development has internal Regulatory Department which can provide your Thai FDA registration, hold your license and manage your stock from the import to delivery. We provide a tailor-made regulatory service of registering products in Thai FDA.
Most of time Thai FDA registration is a matter of time: a wrong communication or a simple copy-and-paste of your documentation leads to enormous waste of time and money.
We guarantee the client a fast resolution of his registration, in all the sectors under Thai FDA: Medical Devices, Dietary Supplements, Hazardous Substances, Cosmetics, Food and Durgs.

We assist the companies not willing to open their local unit in Thailand a secure service of License Holding and warehousing for a small monthly fee.

We work in partnership with I-Store, Self Storage provided by Storage Asia Co., Ltd. [see website]

Siam Trade Development strenghts

Your one-stop-service for Thai FDA Registration that includes License Holding, Warehousing and Delivery!
You Just sell, we manage your compliance!

Medical Devices registration

In Siam Trade Development we register medical device with an added value: the license holding service.If you are a foreign company looking for a distributor or not willing to open a local unit, we register your products in a fast and timely manner and support you in import and distribution process. We can license medical devices in all 4 classes and take care of your compliance.

Dietary Supplements registration

Dietary supplement registration in Thai FDA is the most engaging process for regulatory companies. Controls on formulas, ingredients and standards are stringents, and risk of failure without a proper knowledge is high. In Siam Trade Development we have a 100% success rate in this category. Dietary Supplement market in Thailand is one of the most profitable in the world, due to a high internal consumption.

Hazardous Substances license

All the hazardous substances used in household or public health products imported in Thailand need an import license and a proper registration in Thai FDA according to its classification.
Public health pesticides, Cleaning products for surfaces and materials; Disinfectants used for pharmaceuticals and for medical devices and Other consumer products.

Cosmetic Products registration

Registration of Cosmetic Products in Thai FDA seems to be easy and fast. It may be if documentation is correct and if you can satisfy all the requirements for your registered business place. According to new rules, you will need safety measures, trained staff and many other details that can make your experience long and expensive. We offer a one-stop-service that includes everything!

Drugs and Traditional Medicine registration

Drug and traditional Medicine registration is a long process that involve both the product and the factory. Lot of documentation must be prepared and provided in timely and accurate manner. Drugs in Thai FDA are categorizes into 4 groups: modern medicines, general medicines, traditional medicines and veterinary medicines. Each category has a distinct registration procedure.

Multi Level Market (MLM) license

Many Multi Level Market (MLM) projects in Thailand are related to cosmetics and Dietary Supplements. Being most of them foreign companies entering in a lucrative market, they need a lot of fulfillments before they can operate. The fist step is undoubtedly the Thai FDA product registration, mandatory to import all these categories of products.



Thai FDA product registration
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Thai FDA product registration
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Thai FDA registration is required for foods, drugs, psychotropic and hazardous substances, narcotics, medical devices, volatile substances, cosmetics. We can register your products in Thai FDA