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Leader in Regulatory Services in Thailand, Siam Trade Development is your partner for product registration in ASEAN. From Thailand, your gateway to South East, your healthcare products will be registered, imported and stored, ready to be sold on your favorite channel: B2B, B2C, D2C, even with zero footprint in all ASEAN Countries through our Global Network of Regulatory Agencies, Busness Developer and Distributors..

Welcome to our comprehensive regulatory services network across the ASEAN region, China, Australia, and Korea. As a trusted consortium of companies, we specialize in delivering top-notch regulatory solutions to ensure compliance and facilitate smooth operations in these diverse markets.




ASEAN Expertise:

Our network boasts a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks within the ASEAN countries, including but not limited to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. We navigate the intricate landscape of regulatory requirements, providing clients with tailored strategies for market entry and product approval.

China Market Access:

With a strategic presence in China, our network facilitates seamless market access by addressing the unique regulatory challenges in this dynamic environment. From product registrations to compliance documentation, we ensure your business adheres to China’s regulatory standards.

Australia’s Regulatory Landscape:
Navigating Australia’s regulatory environment requires precision and expertise. Our network offers comprehensive services to guide businesses through the regulatory processes, ensuring compliance with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and other relevant authorities.

Korean Regulatory Solutions:

Entering the Korean market demands a nuanced understanding of local regulations. Our network provides tailored regulatory solutions, streamlining approval processes and helping businesses thrive in South Korea’s competitive landscape.

Why Choose Our Regulatory Network?

Expertise: Benefit from the collective expertise of our network, comprising professionals well-versed in diverse regulatory environments.

Efficiency: We prioritize efficiency, minimizing delays in approvals and ensuring timely compliance with regulatory changes.

Comprehensive Solutions: From regulatory strategy development to documentation preparation, our network offers end-to-end solutions tailored to your business needs.

Global Reach: Beyond ASEAN, our network extends its reach to key markets, facilitating international growth with a focus on China, Australia, and Korea.

In a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, partnering with our network ensures your business stays ahead. Contact us today to explore how our regulatory services can propel your success across ASEAN, China, Australia, and Korea.



We work in partnership with a group of Regulatory Professionals in different countries of Asia providing a wide range of Regulatory Services and Project Management for Healthcare Products.We can register your products in most of ASEAN Countries, Hong kong and China.

We can appoint License Holders and manage the market entry in Countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, SIngapore, etc.providing as well fiduciary services, accounting and logistic support.

We provide regulatory services in ASEAN for Companies importing Food, Dietary Supplement, Medical Device, Traditional Drugs, Cosmetics.


The Company is one of the major Consulting Firms in Healthcare Sector in Indoesia. They provide full range of services for Manufacturers, including Quality Standards (GMP, ISO) and product registration. Main focus: Medical Device, Drugs, Food supplements, Cosmetics


The firm provides consulting services specializing in medical device-related licensing work and to manufacturing/import licensing, including medical device approval and quality system conformity recognition (KGMP) by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


The Company is our subsidiary, involved in event organization and commercial promotions. It also imports products as Importer of records providing assistance in logistics.

SIam Impex is also licensed in Cannabis seeds import and tobacco products.


The Company is located in Australia and China, and offers services of regulatory, Quality Management System Establishment services, Product Conformity Assessment services and Registration services with special attention to Medical Devices


The Company is active in Europe, South America and all ASEAN in sector of Business Development and Project Management, with special mention to Drugs (biosimilar and orphan drugs), Dietary Supplements, Medical Devices.


is Headquartered in China, with local units in Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, USA. It is specialized in providing one-stop global market access services to companies in the field of industrial chemicals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, food and food contact materials.


The Company is located in Singapore and a leading consulting firm in scientific and regulatory affairs for Pharmaceuticals (OTC), Cosmetics, Functional Food, Health/Food/Dietary Supplements, and Traditional Medicines.


ChemLinked is a portal to provide Chemical, Food, Cosmetic and Agrochemical regulatory information in Asia Pacific region especially China to meet the growing demand for clear and concise regulatory advice and market intelligence.


The Company is located in New Jersey, USA and active in China and Europe, PureFDA® specializes in offering expedited services for FDA establishment registration and device listing. Our experts can also provide expert advice on global regulatory requirements for medical devices.


The Company is our direct associate, operating on Chinese market. It provides regulatory services to chinese companies and warehousing, logistics, license holding and fulfillment services for e-commerce projects focused on healthcare products.


Pure Global offers medical device and IVD companies a one-stop solution to achieve global market access through our extensive global expertise and service network, supported by innovative AI technology.


Operon Strategist is the leading medical device regulatory consultant in India, Providing clients with an array of services like turnkey consultation, system implementation, training, licensing, regulatory approvals, and certifications.


GACP Asia was formed in response to the changing cannabis market in Thailand. As the market moves towards medicinal cultivation and GACP as well as GMP becomes a requirement for cultivators to survive in the marketplace.


House Boutique Co., Ltd. established a corporation in Europe in 2015 to advance into Europe for cosmetics registration and EPR. In 2021, in accordance with BREXIT in the UK, it established a corporation in London to provide registration

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Product registration in ASEAN
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