Healthcare Products Storage in Bangkok

Dietary Supplement and Cosmetic Products Storage Bangkok – We Import and stock your products for you!

Storage in Bangkok of Healthcare Products, under your Company Name or with License Holding.
Open your market with a small monthly fee!

Siam Trade Development offer temporary storage units for Healthcare Business Products in accordance with FDA regulations. Our Customers can use our Storage facilities for the storage of Cosmetics, Medical Devices and Dietary Supplements in respect of Thai FDA law. We license your Registered Business Place in our venue, import and store your healthcare products, and eventually deliver to your customers though an agreement with Kerry Express. Or you can manage your products independently by accessing our warehouse, opened 24/7.

These services are applicable to the import of cosmetics, medical devices, drugs and supplements that are pending FDA approval. Siam Trade Development offers you many different storage sizes and storage types such as controlled temperature rooms. This is especially important for temperature-sensitive products such as drugs and cosmetics.

Your lease agreement will be extremely flexible, we only short and long term options., offering both short and long-term leasing options.

Siam Trade Development services

To import Healthcare Products you need an FDA Registered Warehouse. Now, you can rent the space you need for a small monthly fee. This is the procedure:

FDA step 1

FDA Warehouse Registration

First Step for Registration of your Healthcare Products is Warehouse Registration in Thai FDA. We Provide a storage facility in Central Bangkok; you can pay a short-term or long-term rental by monthly fee. Once the FDA Warehouse Registration is done, we can proceed with the accreditation of manufacturer in Thai FDA.

FDA step 2

FDA Manufacturer Accreditation

Once you have your warehouse registration in FDA, next step is to accredit the foreign manufacturer in Thai FDA. This process is fast if documentation is compliant. Foreign Manufacturer Accreditation requires GMP or ISO 22000 or HACCP (depending on nature of product) that must be notarized by a public authority and apostilled by a Thai Embassy in Country of origin.

FDA Step 3

Thai FDA Products Registration

Last step tp be completed before Healthcare products import is the product registration in Thai FDA. Process is different depending on the nature of the product (Medical Device, Food Supplement, Cosmetic. Drug).

Accreditation of warehouse must match with the product you intend to register, since requirements depends from nature of product.


Siam Trade Development rents under your corporate name or under its name (if you choose a License Holding Program) a minimum storage space that you may effectively use for your stock. After rental contract has been signed (fees starting from THB 5.000 per month) we register your storage in Thai FDA.

After Warehouse registration in Thai FDA we proceed with the manufacturer’s accreditation and with product registrations. Once your healthcare has been registered/licensed by Thai FDA, we can import your first batch: we will support your healthcare products import procedure by managing the Custom Clearance and by issuing the LPI. Once custom has been cleared, product can be stored in your warehouse. Every month we’ll charge you for the storage fee or, if you choose to use our company as license holder, we charge a License Holding fee that includes the storage and compliance.

If your company is in e-commerce or multi Level Marketing (MLM) or selling B2C, we can also handle the product pickup and delivery.


Services for Healthcare Business Customers

Our partner’s business storage, Storage Asia Co., Ltd, are located in central Bangkok and can be used for businesses looking to store your business stock and equipment or products to be exposed in exhibitions (some products may need a Temporary Import License). You can visit the site for more information.

Wecan offer temporary storage units for businesses requiring FDA regulations and as well the service of registration in Thai FDA. We can import and stock cosmetics, medical devices, drugs and food supplements that are pending FDA approval. I-Store Self Storage can propose many sizes of rooms, starting from 3 sqm up, with or without controlled temperature. Your access will be guaranteed 24/7 in full safety since the facility is equipped with a high level of security and all accesses are recorded. The monthly fee, depending on required size, includes insurance.

The major benefit of this kind of storage is flexibility. We’re flexible with lease agreements, offering both short and long-term options. We’ll help you to choose the correct storage size, type and duration ensuring that you get the most out of your storage unit.

We offer complementary but basic services proposing the Kerry Express dropoff and pickup center, a packing area, following your Regulatory process of product registration in Thai FDA for import license, and meeting room rental service. We can also host your company with a registered address and of course manage your company with project management services and accounting/auditing services.

Business customers can request to use i-Store Self Storage facilities for the  storage of cosmetics, medical devices and supplements in accordance with Thai FDA law. Our compliance is guaranteed since Siam Trade Development has long experience in Regulatory Services and is fully accredited in the Ministry of Public Health.

Why you will choose our storage facility in Bangkok

  • Storage locations are separate from residential areas.
  • Customers can attach their company’s logo/name and required signboards in front of the storage unit as requested by the Thai FDA.
  • We prepare and submit the documents to the FDA on your behalf in compliance with the rules and regulations set out by the Ministry of Public Health.
  • You will have 24/7 access to our storage facility in full safety
  • Kerry express will guarantee pick up and drop off service
  • You will be authorized to use our meeting rooms depending on your contract
  • You can choose the type of storage unit: rooms with temperature control or room with air condition units, or ambient temperature.
  • It is possible to choose a variety of storage sizes, ranging from 3 sqm up to 18sqm, with independent access.
  • Lease agreements will be according to your needs, starting from 1 month.
  • We guarantee cleanliness and the prevention of insects and animals from entering the area.
  • Facilities can easily be accessed by public bus, BTS, MRT or by car. Parking area makes it easy for you to drop off and pickup items saving time and moving cost.
  • We take security very seriously with multiple layers of protection: 24 hour security guard, CCTV covering the whole facility, key card access control, smoke detector and fire fighting equipment.

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