License Holding in Thailand for Healthcare Products

License Holding allow you to protect your Intellectual Property and the control of your Healthcare Products without opening a Local Unit

You can import and sell online your healtchare products. You don’t have to open a local company

License Holding in Thailand is dedicated to companies intending to enter the ASEAN market without having to open a local unit in Thailand.

According to Thai law, all foreign companies requiring to register and import any product as medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements and traditional medicine must appoint a local representative that will be authorized to import their products.

In some cases this is not possible (e.g. if the Company wants to sell B2C or D2C through major e-commerce platforms). In this case the soultions are two: 1) Set up a Thai Company; 2) Appoint Siam Trade Development as your License Holder.

The License Holding in Thailand offered by Siam Trade Development allows you to:

  • Sell on B2C and D2C channel, offering also the service of channel management and fulfillment
  • Sell online using a cross-broder shipment in full legality, being the product registered and authorized in Thailand
  • Sell directly to many regional distributors (avoiding the markup from your national distibutor)
  • Get a better leverage in negotiation and enhance distributor’s performance
  • Add or substitute distributors when you need it (since you are owner of licence)
  • Keep your intellectual property out of reach of local commercial agents

Thanks to our Licence Holding Program, you will be focused exclusively and profitably to your most important activity: SALES

Siam Trade Development services

In the first phase of market entry opening a company may increase your investment. Let us hold your license and store your products until you are ready to go!

license holding in Thailand

Registered Business Place

The first step for the Healthcare Products Registration in Thai FDA is the “import license”, that must point to a “registered business place” located in a warehouse authorized by Thai FDA. This means that you have to rent and bring up to a standard a warehouse in Thailand. With our License Holding program, you no need to do it, you will use our venue.

License Holding in Thailand

Import License

As your Thai license holder Siam Trade Development will be indicated as Importer of your products in Thailand. All the Custom Procedures (LPI – License per Invoice, clearance and tax paying process) shall be performed by us in your name. WE are fully accredited and have all the authorization for Healthcare products. And, in case we miss some detail, we will fix it immediately.

License Holding in Thailand

Healthcare Product License

Your Products shall be registered under our licenses. We’ll follow all the process in Thai FDA until we get the Healthcare Product Registration in Thai FDA. Of course, we will sign a contract stating that you will be owner of the product and of Intellectual property, and we act simply as your local representative for Compliance and Storage.


You will appoint Siam Trade Development as your Marketing Authorized Holder (License Holder). The contract will mention clearly that you will remain owner of the products and of licenses, that will be surrendered in case of contract termination. Siam Trade Development will accredit your manufacturer and link yor products to its certified warehouse, where your product can be stored if required (or can be immediately forwarded to other Companies/Distributors. Your Healthcare products will be register in Thai FDA under Siam Trade Development name and imported consequently. Once products are imported, we will store them in our warehouse, that will be accessible for your 24/7 in case of need. Size of warehouse shall be decided by you, according your budget and the volume of your import forecast; Minimum size is 3 sqm, ideal for a start-up and with an extremely low fee.
Once the product is stored, it can be handled by you, if you are in Thailand, or by us if you want, for example, to manage an e-commerce through the local platforms like Lazada or Shopee.
In case of Multi level Marketing projects in Thailand, this soultion is ideal since it switchs all bureaucracy and compliance activities on us and let you free to concentrate and the core activity: sales!
License Holding in Thailand is indicated for Dietary Supplement Product, Medical Devices, Traditional Medicine, Cosmetics, Drugs.

License Holding in Thailand
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License Holding in Thailand
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License Holding in Thailand allow you to protect Intellectual Property and control of your Healthcare Products without opening a Local Unit