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Register Cosmetic Products in Thailand and let us hold your license!

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Siam Trade Development has internal Regulatory Department which can provide your Cosmetic Product registration. In case you don’t have a local distributor aor you don’t want to open a thai company, we can hold your license and manage your stock from the import to delivery. And, if you want to sell online, we can manage your e-commerce channel.

We provide a tailor-made regulatory service of product registration in Thai FDA. Most of time Thai FDA registration is a matter of time: a wrong communication or a simple copy-and-paste of your documentation leads to enormous waste of time and money. We guarantee the client a fast resolution of his registration, in all the sectors under Thai FDA: Medical Devices, Dietary Supplements, Hazardous Substances, Cosmetics, Food and Durgs.We assist the companies not willing to open their local unit in Thailand a secure service of License Holding and warehousing in our brand new FDA accredited warehouse for a small monthly fee.

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Register Cosmetic Products in Thailand? We do it, with or without your registered local unit!

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General Cosmetics

General cosmetics are the products which do not fall under specially controlled or controlled cosmetics.Their notification is normally fast and smooth, but a special attention is required for Registered Business place and Import license.

Business License

Controlled Cosmetics

Controlled cosmetics are the products containing ingredients that may cause harmful effects if the used concentrations exceed the maximum allowable levels.They are subject to an authorization and the Product Information File must be kept into the Importing Company Office.
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Specially Controlled Cosmetics

Specially controlled cosmetics are the products containing ingredients that may cause a seriously harmful effect to human health if the used concentrations exceed the maximum allowable levels and the products are used carelessly or inappropriately.


Siam Trade Development register your cosmetic products in Thailand under its own license. Your company shall be indicated as Manufacturer (and shall provide a proper GMP certificate of manufacturing), Siam Trade shall be indicated as Importer and will use its venue to be recorder as registered business place in Thai FDA.After warehouse accreditation has been concluded, products shall be registered and label created and sent electronically to the manufacturer, which will stick it to the packaging. The PIF (product Information File) shall be kept by Siam Trade Development.After import procedure has been terminated the product shall be stored and delivered to end user (in case of e-commerce) or passed to the distributor (in case of B2B) or handled directly by STD in case of Multi level Marketing project.


The Import of Cosmetic is regulated by Cosmetic act 2015. All Cosmetic products are subject to notification, registratio or license.Definition of Cosmetic:

  1. Substance used in applying, rubbing, massaging, sprinkling, spraying, dropping, putting on, perfuming, or acting by whatever means on external human body. In this definition are included product for cleaning, beautfying, deodorizing teeth and oral mucosa. Also skin treatments are included, while all accessories for use on external body are not included.
  2. Substance intended for use specifically as a mixture in producing cosmetic product.

Import or manufacturing of cosmetic product

Anyonw willing to import cosmetics products in Thailand must provide details about the product to be imported to the Thai FDAThe submission and issuance of Import permit must strictly follow the regulation and condition as specified by ministerial regulation of Ministry of Public Health.The Cosmetic product Registration in Thailand is issued by Cosmetic division of Thai FDA. It is valid for the period of 3 years from the date of issue.

Technical Requirements of Cosmetics

The technical requirements includes listings of ingredients, labeling and claims, pre-marketing requirements, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).Cosmetic product Registration in Thailand require the notification of the products to FDA before being imported in Thailand. The importer must be a Thai entity and have to:1.  Register Cosmetic product to the FDA department Cosmetic division prior to importing. Applicant receives a notification valid for 3 years.2.  Prepare Label Information in Thai language in a size that is easily readable and understandable. The contents must be the accurate and must not be deceptive.3.  Advertise the cosmetic product based on its fact without misleading contents. References should be documented for inspection.

Following details must be provided:

  • Information of the applicant such as name and address of manufacturer or importer or storage site, manufacturing site,
  • Information of the cosmetic product such as name, Brand name (Trade name), categories and ingredients.

If the storage site is located in Bangkok, the importer must register the warehouse at the Food and Drug Administration office. If the storage site is located in other provinces, the  importers must notify at the provincial public health office where the sites are located.

Labelling requirement for Cosmetic Product:

Cosmetic product imported in Thailand must be labelled clearly with the following details of product specification.

  1. Product name and Brand Name
  2. Type of product, categories
  3. All ingredients
  4. Instruction for use
  5. Name and address of manufacturer (Name and address of importer including name of manufacturer and country of origin)
  6. Net content
  7. Batch Number
  8. Manufacturing date
  9. Expiry date
  10. Statutory Warning
  11. Notification number

Claims must not indicate that the products have any pharmaceutical characteristics or capability to alter human body’s functions or structure.

Should you need an approved warehouse for Cosmetics Import License Purpose, please see this article with our offer of warehouse units:



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