Timing for Thai FDA Medical Device Registration

Thai FDA amended their timing for Medical Device Registration, by shortening the process in some... [read more]

TISI License in Thailand


Ingredients considered as novel food in Thai FDA

Is my ingredient considered as novel food in Thai FDA? How can I evaluate it?... [read more]

New rules for limited company in Thailand

New rules for limited company in Thailand New rules for limited company in Thailand: from... [read more]

Food Repacking Factory in Thailand: we’re in!

We just installed a Food Repacking Factory in Thailand, ready to go. Siam Trade Development... [read more]

Business Briefing on The future of Recreational & Medical Cannabis

Business Briefing on The future of Recreational & Medical Cannabis, an event organized by The... [read more]

Electromotive Drug Administration EMDA – Mitomycin in bladder cancer treatment: a prospective observational study

A prospective observational study on Electromotive Drug Administration (EMDA®- Mitomycin) in bladder cancer treatment is... [read more]

Cosmetic market in Thailand: the guide (Video)

Our webinar on Cosmetic Market in Thailand, broadcasted on July 27th in the Chemlinked Platform,... [read more]

Transit Trade and Transshipment in Thailand

Transit Trade and Transshipment in Thailand are regulated by the Custom Act issued in 2017,... [read more]

Novel Food Registration in Thailand – a Webinar

On July 6th, at 15:00 Bangkok time, our CEO, Dr. Diego Sala had a speech... [read more]

Cannabis-hemp act in Thailand: legal framework with Silk Legal

Cannabis-hemp act in Thailand: actually one of the most discussed topic, where there’s still lot... [read more]

Food Law in Thailand

Foods law in Thailand defines how food is considered, classified, and its related safety prescription.... [read more]


What is my Food Classification in Thailand? Which kind of license my food needs? According... [read more]


MEDICAL DEVICES RISK CLASSIFICATION IN THAI FDA What is the classification of my medical device... [read more]

THAI FDA Medical Device Classification – Risk based

Thai FDA Medical Device Classification – Which class is my Medical Device in Thailand?  ... [read more]

Biobarica Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Biobarica Portable Hyperbaric Chambers received the final approval by Thai FDA and shall be distribuited... [read more]

FDA allows Thai cosmetics manufacturers to use shared premises

To the delight of Thai cosmetics manufacturers, FDA allows the use of cosmetic production facilities... [read more]

Criteria for group classification of medical devices in Thailand

Medical device bundles can be grouped in 6 different ways: SINGLE, SYSTEM, FAMILY, SET, IVD,... [read more]

Temporary Management: not only regulatory!

Siam Trade Development is not only focused in Regulatory services, but also providing Temporary Management... [read more]

Products missing Thai FDA license sized by police

Police and Thai FDA raided on Feb 15th a warehouse finding 30 million THB value... [read more]

Importare vino in Thailandia

Quanto costa diventare importatore di vino in Thailandia? Leggi e lo saprai! Stiamo ricevendo molte... [read more]

We’re Hiring a Content Editor / E-shop Manager

Siam Trade Development Co., Ltd. is looking for a CONTENT EDITOR / E-SHOP EDITOR; the... [read more]

Siam Trade Development: New Headquarter!

Finally we made it: Siam Trade Development has a new headquarter. After a journey lasted... [read more]

Thailand Cosmetic Regulatory Webinar

Siam Trade Development will represent Thailand Cosmetic Regulatory  in a Webinar/training program organized jointly by... [read more]