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Food Regulation in Thailand: navigating announcement 445, 446, 447 and 448

Food Regulation in Thailand

In the vibrant landscape of Thailand’s culinary scene, food regulation stands as a pivotal aspect ensuring consumer safety, product quality, and industry compliance. For businesses operating in the food sector, understanding and adhering to the intricate web of regulations set forth by the Thai FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is paramount. In this article, we… [read more]

Food Import in Thailand – New rules on Quality Certifications

Food Import in Thailand

A new important regulation on Food Import in Thailand has been issued by Thai FDA, effective from October 1st, 2023. All the Quality Standard Certificate necessary to register food in Thai FDA (ISO 22000 or HACCP or GMP), must now be provided in original or certified true copy. Before, a simple copy in PDF was… [read more]


Food Classification in Thailand

What is my Food Classification in Thailand? Which kind of license my food needs? According to the Notification of the Ministry of Public Health (No. 389) B.E 2561 (2018), Re:  Food Additives (No.5), the Food Classification in Thailand follows the scheme that we report in this article. Should you want to download a PDF printable… [read more]