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Unlocking Business Potential: Advantages of Establishing a BOI Company in Thailand

BOI Company

Welcome to Siam Trade Development, your gateway to thriving business opportunities in Thailand. Are you considering setting up a business in the Land of Smiles? If so, let us introduce you to the Board of Investment (BOI) company, a strategic choice for both local and international entrepreneurs seeking to leverage Thailand’s dynamic market. What is… [read more]

Unlocking Opportunities: Company Formation in Thailand

Company Formation in Thailand

Thailand stands out as a promising destination for companies seeking to expand their horizons. Amidst various strategies like license holding or traditional distribution channels, the prospect of establishing a company directly in Thailand presents itself as a compelling alternative. This avenue not only offers a more hands-on approach to market entry but also unlocks a… [read more]

Importare vino in Thailandia

Importare vino in Thailandia

Quanto costa diventare importatore di vino in Thailandia? Leggi e lo saprai! Stiamo ricevendo molte richieste sull’importazione di vino in Thailandia, come attività in cui investire. Importare vino in Thailandia e’ un buon investimento? L’import di vino e’ stato un buon business fino a fine 2019 (vedi articolo di Dopodiche’ le tristemente note vicende… [read more]

We’re Hiring a Content Editor / E-shop Manager


Siam Trade Development Co., Ltd. is looking for a CONTENT EDITOR / E-SHOP EDITOR; the company offers services in Regulatory, compliance and B2C channel management in Healthcare sector. We are working with leading brands from several Countries; we work in an international environment and we are a customer-oriented company with strong ethic values. We are… [read more]

Medical Device Market in Thailand: prospectives and opportunities

Medical Device Market in Thailand

We share an interesting research based on data provided by BOI and Krungsri Bank on Medical Device Market in Thailand. With technology for medical devices continuing to evolve in line with rising demand, Thailand remains focused on promoting technology and innovation in its medical device industry, leveraging the country’s global strengths as a top medical… [read more]

Sell Dietary Supplements online in Thailand through Fulfillment Service

sell Dietary Supplements online in Thailand

A foreign manufacturer or distributor considering to sell Dietary Supplements online in Thailand on the B2C (e-commerce) channel, only have two options: Open a local unit with attached warehouse, license the products and directly manage the import and storage. Appoint a License Holder to import the products on your behalf and organize a fulfillment service… [read more]

Service Company in Thailand with 100% foreign shares

Service Company in Thailand

From July 2019, a service company in Thailand can have 100% foreign shares without being subject to authorization under the 1999 Foreign Business Act. This was established by the Thai Ministry of Commerce through Ministerial Regulation no. 4 Re: “Determination of service activities that are not required to apply for authorization for a foreign trade… [read more]

Eagle Tech Ozonizer in Thailand: Italian technology to fight viruses and bacteria

ozonizer in Thailand - Cubo 14

Eagle Tech Co., Ltd. is the exclusive importer of Ozonizer in Thailand. Ozonizer by Eagle Tech is a brand new ozone generator for sterilization of cars, offices, hotel rooms, schools and homes, designed and manufactured in Italy. Ozone, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Public Health and by international scientific community as a natural aid… [read more]

Export mele Thailandia: quali barriere?

export mele Thailandia

Da anni i produttori di mele italiani aspettano l’apertura di nuovi mercati in Asia. Intanto gli altri li aprono… L’Italia e’ uno dei principali produttori di mele mondiali, con un mercato fortemente basato sull’export. La maggior parte dell’export e’ verso I paesi UE, seguiti da Medio Oriente e dall’Africa del Nord. Dopo il blocco delle… [read more]


Xodus Medical in Thailand

ENTERING IN THAI MEDICAL DEVICE MARKET IN 3 MONTHS. A successful business case. By Diego Sala, Pre-market specialist in Kha Group It was end of December 2017 when Xodus Medical, leading company in Surgical equipment located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, signed the preliminary agreement with Kha Group in order to open Thai market. The company wanted… [read more]



by Diego Sala (bio)   Today we continue our journey in the opportunities of internationalization by analyzing one of the two commonly used channel by companies of all shapes and sizes: exhibitions abroad. Blessing (in the past) and curse (today) of export managers, exhibitions abroad are still one of the most widespread ways to make… [read more]



HOW TO EXPAND YOUR OWN MARKET ABROAD 6 STRATEGIES. NOT ALL WINNING by Diego Sala (bio) Pre Marketing Specialist, Kha Group Thailand   For the last ten years, the opening of foreign markets for European companies is not a question of prestige or increase in turnover: it’s unfortunately a matter of survival. In the majority… [read more]

EU to restore full political contacts with Thailand

Eu to restore political contacts with Thailand

EU to restore full political contacts with Thailand Thailand welcomes EU decision The Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union agreed on Monday to gradually resume all political re-engagement with Thailand and to possibly restart free trade talks with the country, now that the junta confirmed the general election will be held in November. The Foreign… [read more]

Make a Joint Venture in Thailand

Make a Joint Venture in Thailand

Joint Venture in Thailand between Thai and foreign companies are increasingly common in the areas of production, marketing, distribution and services. As in other countries, joint venture partners are usually companies or individuals operating in the same industry or in related activities and markets, with similar goals and growth strategies. Joint Ventures are growing in… [read more]


certificate of ownership

Certificate of ownership in Thailand. Bai Jong (NS-2) – certified These certificate of ownership give someone the temporary right to occupy a piece of land. Preemption certificates were issued under the authority of the 1936 law with the understanding that they would eventually be upgraded to their use certificates. But Tor Bor 5: This document… [read more]

Thai Custom 4.0 – New Custom Rules in Thailand

New Custom Rules in Thailand

New Custom Rules in Thailand Siam Trade Development attended on October 10th, 2017 the luncheon organized by Thai-German Chamber of Commerce and promoted by Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce, where Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri – Director – General of the Customs Department explained to around 120 invited the New Custom Rules in Thailand in force from 13 November 2017. The… [read more]


Prohibited and Restricted Goods

Prohibited and Restricted Goods by Thai Customs Department that manages the importation and exportation of merchandise coming into and leaving Thailand. Inside these directions there are classes of merchandise which are vigorously investigated. On class of items are precluded from entering Thailand under any conditions. The inferior of items are confined from entering Thailand without… [read more]


work permit in thailand

Work Permit in Thailand In accordance with the Alien Business Act for getting work permit in Thailand, the Ministry of Labor requires an outsider to get a substantial work allow before the Department of Labor and Social Welfare keeping in mind the end goal to enter Thailand for work purposes. A work allow approves the… [read more]

Kislip Anti Alcohol Pill

Kislip Anti Alcohol Pill

Kislip Anti Alcohol Pill The Kislip Anti Alcohol Pill is an innovative enzyme pill with ADH & ALDH for the prevention and treatment of alcohol-inducing effects. In practice, a cure against hangover. The incredible effectiveness of Kislip Anti Alcohol Pill has been demonstrated with numerous pre-clinical tests and testimonies. ADH is the main enzyme for… [read more]