Prohibited and Restricted Goods

Prohibited and Restricted Goods by Thai Customs Department that manages the importation and exportation of merchandise coming into and leaving Thailand. Inside these directions there are classes of merchandise which are vigorously investigated. On class of items are precluded from entering Thailand under any conditions. The inferior of items are confined from entering Thailand without authorization.

Prohibited and Restricted Goods:

Under Article 27 of the Customs Act of 1926 and consequent alterations, the accompanying things the disallowed by law to bring into or out of Thailand.

Revolting items/writing/pictures

Revolting writing and obscene materials

Products with a shameful Thai banner plan


Counterfeit cash, bonds, or coins

Counterfeit Royal Seals/official seals

IPR encroaching products e.g. melodic tape, CD, VDO, PC programming, and so on.

Fake trademark products

*Any propensity shaping opiates, for example, cannabis, opium, cocaine, morphine, heroin, and different medications are viewed as restricted regardless of the possibility that they have been recommended by a specialist.

Confined Goods

Under same article of the Customs Act of 1926, the Ministry of Commerce is permitted to assign certain classes of products that are liable to import controls. The controls are for the most part through authorizing or government consent.

The accompanying things require authorization from particular government offices with a specific end goal to be permitted traditions freedom into Thailand.

Office of National Police – Firearms, parts thereof and ammo

Expressive arts Department – Buddha pictures; Artifacts and collectibles

Post and Telegraph Department – Radio handsets and broadcast communications gear

Bureau of Agriculture – Plants and planting materials

Bureau of Live Stock Development – Live creatures and creature items

Office of Food and Drugs Administration – Medicines and substance items

Money Restrictions

There are as of now no confinements on bringing remote cash into our out of Thailand. The main necessity is that if the aggregate sum of the remote money surpasses USD$20,000 or comparable, it must be announced to the traditions officer. What’s more, if there is a wire exchange of outside money surpassing the estimation of USD$20,000, a remote trade exchange frame must be finished.

There are no confinements acquiring Thai Bahts into Thailand however there are limitations on taking Bahts outside of Thailand. While conveying Thai money to a neighboring nation, there is a point of confinement of up to 500,000 baht that can remove from Thailand without an allow issued by an approved bank. In the event that the transporter needs to take more than 50,000 baht to another nation other than a neighboring nation, they will be required to get an allow from an approved bank. The approval must be appeared to a traditions officer when leaving the Kingdom of Thailand.

Be warned about Prohibited and Restricted Goods, in order to avoid serious Legal problems.

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