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Products missing Thai FDA license sized by police

Thai FDA license

Police and Thai FDA raided on Feb 15th a warehouse finding 30 million THB value of products missing Thai FDA license and evidently fake or counterfeit. Royal Thai Police and Thai FDA jointly announced the results of operations in the case of a warehouse raid where they found a large number of counterfeit products of… [read more]

Advertising Medical Devices in Thailand

Advertising Medical Devices in Thailand - pubblicità dei dispositivi medici in Tailandia

Thai FDA, with the new Medical Devices Act 2019, slightly changed rules and regulations in Advertising Medical Devices in Thailand Let’s see in detail what changes; for any further question you may email us. “Advertisement” means an act by any means which causes the public to see, hear or acknowledge content for commercial purposes and… [read more]

Import Registration in Thai FDA

Registration in Thai FDA

Importing goods in Thailand without Registration in Thai FDA is illegal In Thailand, for any activity related to food, dietary supplements, medical devices, cosmetics, drugs and traditional medicine (chinese medicine) a registration in Thai FDA is mandatory, even for samples. Let’s see in detail. Registration in Thai FDA is mandatory Thai Customs prohibits even the… [read more]

Make a Joint Venture in Thailand

Make a Joint Venture in Thailand

Joint Venture in Thailand between Thai and foreign companies are increasingly common in the areas of production, marketing, distribution and services. As in other countries, joint venture partners are usually companies or individuals operating in the same industry or in related activities and markets, with similar goals and growth strategies. Joint Ventures are growing in… [read more]


certificate of ownership

Certificate of ownership in Thailand. Bai Jong (NS-2) – certified These certificate of ownership give someone the temporary right to occupy a piece of land. Preemption certificates were issued under the authority of the 1936 law with the understanding that they would eventually be upgraded to their use certificates. But Tor Bor 5: This document… [read more]


rental agreements in Thailand

Rental Agreements in Thailand There are various choices of rental agreements in Thailand with regards to property and this has been secured before on this site. We have secured the issue of purchasing property typically for the sake of your Thai spouse and this can turn into an issue in its own particular right and… [read more]


collect unpaid bill in Thailand

COLLECT UNPAID BILL IN THAILAND The installment conduct of Thai organizations is genuinely great. Most installments have a tendency to be made inside 30 days however deferrals of 10 to 20 days by and large may show up when exchanges have not been secured. Late installment intrigue Enthusiasm on late installments might be charged to… [read more]


Prohibited and Restricted Goods

Prohibited and Restricted Goods by Thai Customs Department that manages the importation and exportation of merchandise coming into and leaving Thailand. Inside these directions there are classes of merchandise which are vigorously investigated. On class of items are precluded from entering Thailand under any conditions. The inferior of items are confined from entering Thailand without… [read more]


work permit in thailand

Work Permit in Thailand In accordance with the Alien Business Act for getting work permit in Thailand, the Ministry of Labor requires an outsider to get a substantial work allow before the Department of Labor and Social Welfare keeping in mind the end goal to enter Thailand for work purposes. A work allow approves the… [read more]


thailand individual damage

Thailand individual damage case or basically wrongful act is characterized as a demonstration or oversight conferred by a man tenaciously or carelessly which made damage the life, freedom, body, wellbeing, property or right of someone else. It is additionally characterized under law as “tort” which depends on blame. The Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand… [read more]


civil and commercial code

Civil and Commercial Code: Right of Retention As indicated by Section 241 of the Civil and Commercial Code, any individual who legally has property having a place with someone else and the holder has a commitment to support him that identifies with the property had, at that point the owner may hold the property until… [read more]



SEPARATION IN THAILAND Buddhism is the essential religion in Thailand, and it might be a shock to some that relational unions can be ended through common authorized separations. In the same way as other different nations as well, the quantity of separation cases in Thailand has been expanding in the previous years. Separation in Thailand… [read more]