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Business Briefing on The future of Recreational & Medical Cannabis

The future of Recreational & Medical Cannabis,

Business Briefing on The future of Recreational & Medical Cannabis, an event organized by The Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce, is scheduled on October 20th in Phuket, Saii Laguna, at 5PM. The event will have as Speaker Dr. Paul Crosio, partner in Silk Legal, for the legal/commercial part, and Dr. Diego Sala, our Managing Director, as… [read more]

Cannabis-hemp act in Thailand: legal framework with Silk Legal

Cannabis-hemp act in Thailand

Cannabis-hemp act in Thailand: actually one of the most discussed topic, where there’s still lot of confusion. Is cultivation, import, and consumption of cannabis-hemp derivatives free in Thailand? We’ve been glad to have a conversation with Dr. Paul Crosio, from Silk Legal law firm, before his interview with The Thaiger, that you can watch HERE…. [read more]

Temporary Management: not only regulatory!

Temporary Management: not only regulatory!

Siam Trade Development is not only focused in Regulatory services, but also providing Temporary Management in industry sector. We support developing companies in their daily activities, especially in time of travel restrictions. This is our commitment with Age Thai Co., Ltd., leading company in aluminium industry automation. Project started in August 2021: see our post… [read more]

Thailand Cosmetic Regulatory Webinar

Thailand Cosmetic Regulatory Webinar

Siam Trade Development will represent Thailand Cosmetic Regulatory  in a Webinar/training program organized jointly by Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association of Singapore (CTFAS) and Cosmetics Advancement Committee of China Healthcare Association (CACHCA), with support of other Chinese associations or government organizations.

Tampons classification as cosmetics in Thailand

Tampons classification as cosmetics in Thailand

Thai FDA classified tampons as cosmetic products long time ago, but two days ago a news was reported by almost all Thai media: government allegedly decided to classify tampons as cosmetics, subordinating them to the Thai FDA license and imposing a 30% cosmetic tax. This raised an angry reaction on social media. This is a… [read more]

Covid-19 mask manufacturers in Thailand

Produttori di mascherine Covid-19 mask manufacturers in Thailand covid-19

Surfing the internet it is very easy to come across manufacturers of covid-19 mask, today unfortunately an indispensable product for public safety. Many importers are looking for producers who guarantee a minimum of production and export capacity. Many of them claim to be based in China or Thailand, but unfortunately they are in the majority… [read more]


certificate of ownership

Certificate of ownership in Thailand. Bai Jong (NS-2) – certified These certificate of ownership give someone the temporary right to occupy a piece of land. Preemption certificates were issued under the authority of the 1936 law with the understanding that they would eventually be upgraded to their use certificates. But Tor Bor 5: This document… [read more]


collect unpaid bill in Thailand

COLLECT UNPAID BILL IN THAILAND The installment conduct of Thai organizations is genuinely great. Most installments have a tendency to be made inside 30 days however deferrals of 10 to 20 days by and large may show up when exchanges have not been secured. Late installment intrigue Enthusiasm on late installments might be charged to… [read more]

Being arrested in Thailand: what to do?

Being arrested in Thailand: what to do?

Being arrested in Thailand: what to do? Though Thailand is known as a country with flexible laws, it is not unusual for a foreign citizen, usually on vacation, being arrested in Thailand for possessing drugs or having committed criminal acts, even the most stupid ones. Just remember the episode of the two young Italians arrested… [read more]

Import Export Thailand Turkey: how to transport your products

Import Export Thailand Turkey

Import Export Thailand Turkey Many companies operate in the field of Import Export Thailand Turkey. we can now support them. Siam Trade Development in cooperation with MC Global Lojistics can take care of your product and goods when you want to import from Thailand to Turkey and export from Turkey to Thailand. Our service can be… [read more]