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Healthcare Business Unit Thailand was created in 2017 to support the demand from Italian Companies in two different projects:

  1. Research for innovative products and raw materials for medical sector in South East Asia.
  2. Opening a rapidly growing market in Healthcare sector to Italian products.

The success and fast growth opportunities induced the partner companies, Siam Trade Development, Kha Bangkok, and Dismed S.a.S. to unite their efforts and to propose the service to a wider audience of companies

Sectors of ACTIVITY

Every Company carries the most appropriate job to her: Siam Trade Development  deals with logistics (import/export, distribution) and web marketing; Kha Bangkok deals with sourcing and sales network; Dismed deals with product management and quality. In Thailand, there’s a network of sales professionists and in the sector of product licensing in order to register the products at the Public Authority (FDA).


We EXPORT FROM Thailand and nearby countries Natural raw materials, Herbal Extracts, Cosmetics, and food supplements.

We IMPORT IN Thailand Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical Products, Healthcare Products.


We provide our commercial partners and customers all the services they need to trade their products. We start from Market Research, Product Certification, Import, Warehousing, Distribution of the product. Then, we create sales network in our already active Business Units (Pharmacy, Hospitals, Retail); or, we create a new Business Unit. We act as Licence holders whereas required by our customer, in case he doesn’t want to open a local unit in Thailand to manage his business.

Integrated, BESPOKE services

All services by our Healthcare Business Unit

I servizi della nostra Healthcare Business Unit Thailand are Tailor-made and agreed with the client, tho whome we give an end-to-end service. This allows him to act in a new market by getting an immediate know-how transfer and knowledge of local rules.




For Companies willing to manage their product in full autonomy

Licence Holding e Distribuzione


For companies willing to outsource Compliance and logisitcs



Stevia, Natural sweetener for diabetics comes from a very widespread plant in Thailand. We export it in the form of leaves or powder

Import to Italy


Capsaicin Gel is a cream for relief of Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Arthritis, Cramps, made in Thailand from natural ingredients. Its main component is Capsaicin, derived from Chili (Capsicum). Capsaicin Gel Specifications Product Type : Gel Ingredients : Oleoresin containing capsaicin 0.025% Uses : Relief of muscular tension and strain, shoulder ache, myalgia (muscles stiffness), stiff [...]

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Import to Italy

Pyro Plus wood vinegar

Pyro Plus wood vinegar from eucalyptus has superoxide anion scavenging activity and antioxidant activity. It is a great raw material for cosmetic industry

Aloe Vera TryMe Gel is produced in Thailand and available for import into Italy. Price quotation per Kg, OEM. Production, tailor made packaging.

Import to Italy

Thai Sunscreen Gel TryMe

Super light gel with a special non-oil and non-sticky formula. It will penetrate into the skin immediately without oil, and you will not see any trace on your body.

Export to Thailand


CViti Chewable Vitamin C is an Italian product exported to ASEAN through Siam Trade Development. We are looking for national distributors.

Prolife Lactic Acid Bacteria Supplements: a complete supplement for the balance of intestinal bacterial flora. Distributed in ASEAN countries.

Dailyvit Effervescent Dietary supplement: 12 vitamins, 8 minerals - 20 effervescent tablets with orange flavour

MASSIGEN Effervescent Magnesium and Potassium seek exclusive distributor for the ASEAN area. The product is supplied with the main certificates.

DISCOLUX CERVICAL PLDD: Minimally Invasive Laser Treatment of Cervical Hernia distributed exclusively in Thailand by Kha Bangkok Ltd.

Natural BLACK MA-WAENG Cough Syrup is a natural herbal product, whose formula comes from traditional Thai medicine.

Lobster for Lumbar Spinal Canal allows for interspinal distraction to restore areas following degenerative stenosis of the lumbar channel

Ultrasound telemedicine diagnostic systems produced in Italy exported to the Asian market. Looking for exclusive distributor.

The Bluetooth Thermometer Apple and Android is interfaced with any Apple and Android device. Check body temperature h24 and transmit to your control room.

Import to Italy

Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran Oil (RBO) is extracted in Thailand from Jasmine Oil. It is widely used it Asia for cooking and as nutraceutical product. It has high concentration of Gamma-Oryzanol.

Import to Italy

Wrist Pulse Oximeter

Wrist Pulse Oximeter is used to measure the oxygen level in your blood and your heart rate. A Wrist Pulse Oximeter is equipped with technology to rapidly detect changes in your blood oxygen level.

The Multipurpose Saturation Meter is used to measure oxygen in the blood and heart rate. The Saturation Meter is equipped with technology to detect changes in blood oxygen levels

Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter BM1000C is a bluetooth device that can send oxygen saturation and pulse rate of your patient directly to your tablet.

Scagel is a revolutionary gel for scar reduction gel containing natural extracts. It has special properties to help reduce scars in various ways. Country of Origin: Thailand


Import to Italy

Thai Natural Serum TryMe

With the value of natural extracts and skin care elements. Lift-up Serum contains more than 5 kinds of natural extracts that are ready to nourish skin, lift and firm up naturally white.

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HEALTHCARE BUSINESS UNIT Thailand, a business model to sell your Healthcare products and medical devices in ASEAN market.