Legal advisory Thailand

Legal advisory Thailand

Legal advisory Thailand service is useful not only in case of problems, indeed. Often a consultation with a specialist can avoid legal problems in future.

Our network provides legal advice to individuals and companies, in the location of Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Ayutthaya. We collaborate with Thai lawyers specialized in international business, run by Italian lawyers long resident in Thailand. The combination of these figures guarantees maximum efficiency in finding appropriate solutions to you.

When you need a lawyer in Thailand?

Generally before signing company ati acquisition or transfer of quotas, and even just make changes in corporate asset it is advisable to consult an attorney who can translate it right your contract and verify its likelihood. In Thailand there is no Roman law, then the laws have other bases than ours. What for us is obvious here could be wrong. Better inform themselves before making concrete commitments.

In Thailand the lawyers undertake tasks of notaries, so please contact us in case of sales or disposals of shares or apostillazioni.

Please note: as a lawyer in Thailand it is forbidden to foreign nationals. Always remember: an Italian lawyer can only ever recommend but never take legal action on your own. Therefore, make sure that your consultant works in association with Thai or Thai citizen legal.

Our services

How much does a legal consulting firms Thailand?

Thai lawyers are quite expensive. Professionals with international experience and with fluent English Bill even 10,000 THB per hour. Our network has controlled prices thanks to specific trade agreements. Our price depends on the complexity of the subject; We recommend you write to us using the form on the contact page and explain briefly the subject of consultation. We will contact you with a quote and the first answers to your question.

Contact us for any information or to ask for a quotation. It's free!

    Legal advisory Thailand
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    Legal advisory Thailand: avoid problems in future, ask a consultancy before signing! We have Thai lawyer for individuals and corporate. Contact us now!