Buy a house in Thailand

Buy a house in Thailand

Is it possible for a foreigner owning property in Thailand? Siam Trade has a Department for investment property Thailand who can give you all the information you need.

In general it’s not allowed to own land or buildings that are based on the ground, but there are ways to get the full property, namely that the person can enter the fine on his behalf to the public registry, which may enjoy the usufruct or I can sell it to out of total discretion.

A widespread option is leasehold (temporary possession) thirty-year maturity, which allows the foreign national to have full rights for 30 years, extendable for another 30.

A second option is the condominium in freehold (i.e. indefinite possession) provided that the total number of shares in the same apartment building are not registered to foreigners for more than 49%. With this option the single stranger he’s owner of his portion of the estate, but the entire property must remain at least 51% to Thai nationals. The common parts and the soil are common property divisible among the owners.

The Thai property market

Buy a house in Thailand can be surprisingly lucrative if done in due terms. The market is growing for years, with periodic downturns due to political crisis than actual timire happenings. The main investors are, for obvious reasons of proximity, Asian. Hong Kong, Singapore provide more capital to the property market in Bangkok. From Europe get many North Europeans and many French, fleeing from the winds of crisis in those areas.

According to experts the safest investment is in the CBD of Bangkok, the area bounded by the River to the West and South, from Mo Chit North, and the Klong Phra Khanong East. In this vast area the land has astronomical costs and, although it continues to build, there seems to be no clouds on the horizon. Of course the prices are extremely more. The minimum price per square meter starts from THB 104,000, up to 350,000 (nearly 10,000 EUR) for the most luxurious condo.

In the outlying areas the rates are much lower: there are condos starting from THB 25,000 per sqm. The townhouse (traditional townhouses) go at about 40,000 THB/sqm. We speak of course of new buildings. Older buildings do not maintain the price, so it is convenient to sell after a few years and reinvest in new projects.

In other areas of Thailand real estate is a big gamble. Excluding inflationary areas like Pattaya, Koh Samui, Phuket, where foreigners are still inexplicably buying, there are cities such as Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Korat, where new initiatives make it interesting on the market. Buy a house in Thailand can be a good business, with a good strategy.

Rent an apartment apartment?

The rental costs in Thailand are quite low. Good for those who are not the owner, but not the greatest for those who want to put their property income. The average annual income ranges from 4% to 7%, depends on how much you will be good … A 30/35 sqm apartment close to the BTS is leased annually to no more than 18,000 THB/month, with averages of 12/14,000. Studios often are less than 8,000 THB per month in central areas.

Many construction companies sell on paper providing an annuity up to 7% per annum NET leaving them the complete management of the unit and leaving it available for owners for only two weeks a year. It can be an interesting option for your investment property Thailand.

In essence, the income of a new estate can reach 7% per annum NET (if not forget that gross income from properties subject to taxation). Add to that an average 8% annual rate of increase of the price for the first 4 years of the project.

Taxation on capital gains

If you purchase a condo on paper do you possess only work completed and once paid the price. You can assign your contract if you wish, and many times this is a good deal. In this case it is exempt from capital gains tax. If you sell the property after you register, you will be subject to the payment of 30% of the capital gain.

Our Thailand property investment Department is at your disposal for information. We manage properties in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, with contacts on site. Buy a house in Thailand,

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