A4 Paper Scammers in Thailand

A4 paper scammers in Thailand


We have been contacted by hundreds of traders willing to protect their business in A4 Paper with Thailand. They just want to know who are the real A4 paper manufacturers in order to avoid wasting time with A4 paper scammers in Thailand.

We wrote this article after two years of anti-scam activity, during which we’ve been glad to save ALL our customers from being scammed in Thailand. Recently we are under attack of these scammers, that we now know site by site, name by name, bank account by bank account. This means we are doing a good job against A4 paper scammers in Thailand! We are proud!

A4 Paper Scammers in Thailand: who are them?

First of all: they are not Thais. There are two main organization of fake A4 paper factories: one in Bangladesh, one in Central Africa. They operate from their countries through several dozens of websites. All their websites are located outside thailand, and show only a whatsapp number and, in some cases, a fax number (that is normally real but under name of unaware companies). They are that arrogant tathe they don’t want to hide themselves: normally the name fo Factory manager sounds like a muslim/african person. There’s no single Thai A4 paper factory with a foreign manager in reality!!!

A4 paper factory bank account

This is the only phase where some thai nationa are involved. ALL bank account used by scammers are under the name of private persons. in 100% they are women. Who are them, and how we can stop A4 paper scam in Thailand?

No way to stop them, these women are normally middle aged ladies not able to work in gogo bars. They meet these scammers and have a love affair with them. They become partners in crime, and temporarily in life. The man goes back to his country, and the lady wait for the money of some inexperienced trader believing he can buy paper at 0,50 USD and sell at 2,00… These women has no property, not a real job, they basically can’t be punished. The best way to avoid the classic A4 paper scam is to double-check the name of the bank account holder: if different from company name, drop immediately the negotiation.

Recently A4 genuine manufacturers are even harder to find: scammers itself are actually opening sites for company checking, investigations, services. Some A4 paper scammers are even selling list of A4 paper manufacturers where you will find again and again many fake paper manufacturers.

How can you protect yourself from A4 paper scammers?

Many traders write and call us asking “how could I trust you?” and “who guarantee me that your A4 paper manufacturers list is genuine?”.

Simple. Look our site. We are a registered company with a social capital of 60.000 USD. We are active in other sectors of commerce. Siam Trade Development have 3 physical addresses, phone lines, all documentation to prove we are genuine. You can see name of our Managing Director in this site, and people from our staff: we’re real!We don’t use whatsapp, since almost nobody uses whatsapp in Thailand: we use LINE!

There are many Genuine A4 paper manufacturers in Thailand

The problem is that it’s extremely hard to find them between dozens, maybe hundreds, of scammers. WE have the solution to maximize your time and not to take any risk. These are our services:

A4 paper manufacturer verification

If you need to verify a contact that you may feel genuine, send us all the relevant documents, and we’ll provide a report within 24 hours. Our data comes from Government, Banks, Chamber of Commerce. 100 % safe!

Genuine A4 paper manaufacturer list

If you are at the beginning of your activity in Thailand this is the first tool: the list of real paper manufacturers. It has been updated at April 2019, and contavins ALL the real Paper factories in Thailand.

Cost is 34.99 EUR payable by PayPal (also by credit card). Just click the button below and you will receive the list within 1 hour.

Paper traders and resellers list

The best way to protect yourself is to avoid this category. In Thailand there are no international traders or paper sellers, since the factories don’t allow anyone to manage this product independently. You can buy only from paper factory!

We wrote in the past many other articles on Paper Scam in Thailand: all of them are being attacked and you probably can’t trace them anymore on google: please read them here!

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