Company Incorporation in Thailand: an overview of DBD’s Increased Fees

Company Incorporation in Thailand

Company incorporation in Thailand: an overview of DBD’s Increased Fees

Thailand’s business landscape is witnessing significant changes in its regulatory framework, particularly in the realm of Company Incorporation in Thailand. The Department of Business Development (DBD) has recently implemented a revision of fees associated with company incorporation, imposing a minimum charge of 6,000 THB per company. Data source of this article is DBD Website.

How many companies are incorporated in Thailand?

In December 2023 (usually the less “busy” month), 4,009 Thai Limiteed Companies have been incorporated. In the whole year 2023, 85,300 new companies have been incoirporated in Thailand (average more than 7,000 limited companies per month). As per December 2023, 890,317 companies are active in Thailand.

DBD’s Incorporation Revised Fees:

The updated fee structure introduced by the DBD and effective from January 1st, 2024, comprises various components essential for limited company registration. Each of these fees plays a crucial role in the incorporation process, reflecting the government’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for businesses. Let’s delve into the specifics of the new fees:

  1. หนังสือบริคณห์สนธิ (Memorandum of Association): 500.00 THB

The Memorandum of Association is a fundamental document outlining the company’s objectives, structure, and operational guidelines. This fee ensures that the document is properly drafted and registered, setting the foundation for a transparent and legally compliant business.

  1. จัดตั้งบริษัทจำกัด (Company Formation): 5,000.00 THB

The core fee for company formation covers the administrative processes involved in establishing a limited company in Thailand. This includes legal documentation, processing fees, and other essential tasks to formalize the business entity.

  1. อากรแสตมป์ (Stamp Duty): 200.00 THB

Stamp duty is a mandatory tax on legal documents, and in the context of company incorporation, it ensures the authenticity and legality of various certificates and agreements. The increased fee reflects the government’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of business transactions.

  1. หนังสือรับรองหุ้นส่วนบริษัท (Certificate of Capital): 200.00 THB

The Certificate of Capital certifies the amount of share capital subscribed by the company’s shareholders. This fee ensures the accuracy and reliability of the document, contributing to the overall transparency of the company’s financial structure.

  1. ใบสำคัญ (Certificate): 100.00 THB

The Certificate fee covers the issuance of various certificates required during the incorporation process. These certificates affirm the company’s legal standing, providing stakeholders with the necessary assurance regarding the business’s compliance with regulatory standards.

Company Incorporation in Thailand with Siam Trade Development:

Amidst these regulatory changes, Siam Trade Development stands out as a reliable and efficient incorporation service provider. Specializing in company incorporation in Thailand, Siam Trade Development navigates businesses through the evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring a smooth and compliant registration process.

In conclusion, Thailand’s commitment to enhancing the ease of doing business is evident in the recent adjustments to the limited company registration fees by the DBD. As businesses adapt to these changes, it is crucial to partner with trusted service providers like Siam Trade Development, who can guide companies through the intricacies of the incorporation process, ensuring compliance and transparency. In this dynamic environment, staying informed and aligning with reputable service providers is key to successful company incorporation in Thailand.

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Company incorporation in Thailand and its significant changes in regulatory framework, particularly in the realm of Thai Limited Company