Siam Trade Development: 3PL services in Thailand

3PL services in Thailand - 3PL in Thailandia

Time of budgets for 2019 at the end and of projects for 2020 at the door in Siam Trade Development: 3PL services in Thailand represent a focal point of future development for the company.

In the face of a positive balance (+ 20% compared to 2018) and new projects that started off favorably (the Italian Food Asia Consortium launched in July 2019, which completes the range of services offered), the company has acquired a land in Pathum Thani and will build the new headquarters, covering a space of about 350 square meters.

The building will have a warehouse on the street level dedicated to healthcare products (with all the relevant Thai FDA licenses) that will be managed on behalf of third parties with the Third Party Logistic system: a new opportunity for 3PL services in Thailand.

servizi 3PL in Thailandia
The project is starting … Nok, member of the Board, shows the preliminary to the Works Manager

Upstairs an open space office with reception and meeting room that can be used as a virtual office, headquarters of offshore companies in Thailand or as a co-working space. On the third floor there are two independent offices with a terrace with guesthouse use for those wishing to use them as an occasional seat with the possibility of carrying out representative activities.

The target user of the project will be every foreign company that enters the Thai market through 3PL services (integrated management of stock and deliveries to customers, both in the B2B and B2C sector); the model can be used for specific healthcare products such as food supplements, medicines, medical devices, food, wine.

Furthermore, even those who want to carry out offshore activities through a company under Thai law will be able to take advantage of the services offered by Siam Trade Development, opening an Ltd Company based in the building and being able to use the shared spaces and the meeting room (or by renting a private office of the desired size), in a convenient traffic-free area in the core of logistic hub of Thailand.
The new headquarters is in fact 3 km away. from Pa-in, road and logistic junction that gives direct access to all major road arteries in Thailand.

The rendering of building (courtesy by Geosmart)

Today, 22 December an informal lunch was held which saw the presentation of the preliminary project to the neighborhood. The project and construction will start by the end of January and the 3PL usable warehouse in Thailand will be ready between April and May 2020.

Siam Trade Development will take care of the project directly through external technicians and sub-contractors. The final project will be presented by January 20, 2020 with immediate start to the works.