Biobarica Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Biobarica Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Biobarica Portable Hyperbaric Chambers received the final approval by Thai FDA and shall be distribuited in Thailand by Time Warp Engineering Co., Ltd.

Revitalair® 430 by Biobarica Portable Hyperbaric Chambers, manufactured in Argentina by Oxavita Srl., concluded its regulatory process managed by Siam Trade Development, and has been approved for import as Class 2 Medical Device.

The Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Revitalair® 430 by Biobarica is an electromedical device designed to work with pressures up to 1.45 ATM.

It consists of a hermetic semi-rigid chamber made of polyester-based plastic fabric, in which the patient enters to be treated and is closed by a mobile door at one of its ends which fulfills the purpose of sealing the chamber through a set of aluminum rings, with silicone gaskets around them.



The chamber is pressurized only with the surrounding atmospheric air, by means of an electric compressor external to the chamber and provided as part of the unit.

The connection between the compressor and the chamber is made by a plastic hose.

The chamber has two safety or relief valves which are automatically when the pressure inside reaches 1.45 ATM. Ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Within the compressor there is another safety valve in order to avoid any obstruction of the supply hose of the compressor to the chamber.

The Revitalair® 430 by BioBarica Portable Hyperbaric Chamber is the sum of new technologies and designs from materials and components that facilitate its use.

It basically consists of 2 fundamental parts:

  • The cabin or chamber.
  • Compressing system or compressor cabinet.

The cabin is composed of a system of Patented Aluminum Rings (Pat. No. AR075681B1) attached to a specially designed high resistance waterproof fabric, forming a cylinder approximately 900mm in diameter and 1850mm long.


These measures translate into the most spacious product, which implies greater comfort for the user.

The assembly and operation is very simple and in addition to this User Manual, dedicated tutorial videos are available on the website: where the correct way to perform the assembly is explained in a pleasant and simple way.

Intended use of Biobarica Portable Hyperbaric Chambers is the treatment of mountain disease and combat of hypoxia, under the prescription of a health professional.

The medical device, by its portable characteristic, is designed to be used in any environment without restrictions of use (offices of doctors, health institutions). It is recommended that it be used in a medical environment.

Siam Trade Development is specialized in Medical Device Registrations, and offers its clients a score of 100% successful applicatoins in 6 years of activity. Contact us for your projects!

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