Covid-19 mask manufacturers in Thailand

Produttori di mascherine Covid-19 mask manufacturers in Thailand covid-19

Surfing the internet it is very easy to come across manufacturers of covid-19 mask, today unfortunately an indispensable product for public safety.

Many importers are looking for producers who guarantee a minimum of production and export capacity. Many of them claim to be based in China or Thailand, but unfortunately they are in the majority of cases unscrupulous scammers or the slightest respect for this very special moment in our history.

Leaving aside what we would gladly do punish those who exploit the covid-19 to defraud others, let’s see what we can do to avoid wasting time and money by dealing with interlocutors who are not up to par.

How to recognize scammers among covid-19 mask manufacturers

In Thailand there are actually several manufacturers of covid-19 mask (surgical masks od N95). Normally they are overworked during this period and hardly bother to promote their products abroad, also considering the difficulty of shipping. The same goes for Chinese surgical mask manufacturers. This is the first factor that should alarm you: if they contact you, it is possible that it is scamming.

The price is the second factor: with a leap in demand do they offer you the same price as in 2019? Attention, possible scammer in sight …

Commercial conditions: shipping included and 50% payment on order with balance on delivery? Considering the insane costs of cargo flights from Thailand and China to Italy and the high risk of confiscation by local national authorities in case of transhipment (unfortunately frequent case), those who offer you such conditions probably do not have transparent intentions. ..

Communication: if you know English well, read between the lines: the way they greet you, how they express themselves, the length of the introductions and the words they use. Chinese and Thais express themselves in an extremely different way, but light years away from the way Pakistani, Central African, Middle Eastern people write (the areas where the vast majority of fraud attempts come from).

Are Thai covid-19 masks manufacturers reliable?

The real ones do. But most likely you are talking to unscrupulous and dignified people who live all over the world and who are part of well-established international organizations that we have already explained in other articles READ HERE.

If you are interested in buying covid-19 mask in Thailand but you have doubts about your manufacturer, you can request a due diligence. It will be made within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Since 2017 Siam Trade Development has offered anti-scam services on Thai territory. In the A4 sector alone, it has avoided over 400 scams. The core business is in the project management and regulatory sector.


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