Eagle Tech Dietary Supplements on sale in Thailand!

Eagle Tech Dietary Supplements

Eagle Tech Dietary Supplements, a line of products for sport nutritions, arrived in Thailand and are ready to be sold on the major e-commerce platforms.The range of products have been designed by Mr. Nicola Romani, CEO of Eagle Tech and expert in fitness, together with the Italian Manufacturer Watt+, a leader in sport nutrition in Italy.Actually 9 different Dietary Supplements are ready to be marketed:

  1. Eagle Tech Collagen, contributes to skin repair, reducing signs of ageing and improving its moisture.
  2. Eagle Tech Stack Fire, for pre-workout: stimulates the Metabolism and supports a balanced body weight
  3. Eagle Tech 3-Magnesium, mineral supplement
  4. Eagle Tech Omega 369 Fish Oil, Borage Oil and Vitamin E, source of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9
  5. Eagle Tech Tono Mix, a compound of aminoacids
  6. Eagle Tech Lemon Flavour, source of mineral salts for workout
  7. Eagle Tech Potassium Chloride Orange Flavour, source of mineral salts for workout
  8. Eagle Tech OXYMIX PLUS, mix of vitamins and minerals to fight free radicals
  9. Eagle Tech RM1 BCAA, Supporting muscle and energy in post workout

All the products are gluten-free and have all the international quality standards.Eagle Tech Dietary Supplements have been registered and imported in Thailand in cooperation with Siam Trade Development’s Regulatory Department.Pre-sale of the products is available by contacting directly Eagle Tech at [email protected].

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