Siam Trade Development – Operational results financial year 2023

Siam Trade Development - Operational results financial year 2023

Year 2023 is near to its end, and time for Siam Trade Development to draw the operational results for financial year.

This post shall be updated until all the relevant data will be obtained and confirmed and it is divided in sections for reference purposes.


Active direct customers at the end of 2023 are 96; 43 of them have their HQ in Thailand, other 53 are serviced remotely, mainly with License Holding and local representation.

Of the 43 located in Thailand, 36 are foreign investors that opened their local unit in the Kigndom.

White-labeled customers (serviced on behalf of other Companies) are not numbered in the list. In 2023 whitelisted customers have been 23.

Below the table with the division of total customers per Country of origin.

Siam Trade Development - Operational results financial year 2023


Revenues for 2023 is expected to be around 11,5 million THB, with a profit of 0,8 million THB before tax. Difference in revenues compared with 2022 is + 84%. Siam Trade Development is self-financing and have no debts with institutions, banks, individuals.


At December 2023 Siam Trade Development has 8 persons on pay book and covered with social security and welfare. All resource received a bonus for the current year. Two additional resources are working part-time. from january 2024 an additional resource shall be introduced and trained.

4. Siam Trade Development  ASSETS

At December 2023 Company assets amount at 7,5 million THB, including social capital 2 million THB fully paid.

Total area available for 2024 in Siam Buidling is around 800 sqm.


Siam Trade Development is building a new 2 storey warehouse building with 10 units at room temperature and 10 units with controlled temperature. The previouos configuration was 15 units at room temperature and 1 repacking unit with controlled temperature. Final asset shall be (ready in february 2024) 25 units at room temperature and 11 with controlled temperature.

6. STRATEGY 2024

Corporate strategy for 2024 is based on the previous trend: stand alone, with a network of Thai and foreign company with exclusivity cooperation agreements in sector of Regulatory services and License Holding.

Regulatory section shall be enhanced with the introduction of a new resource (second quarter 2024) with specific skills in medical device and dietary supplements. Some minor sections shall be dismissed (TISI licenses and fulfillment service) to dedicate full resources to the core business of the Company: regulatory, compliance, license holding.

Cannabis section shall be improved with new services in GACP sector.

Marketing shall be based on conferences, workshops and to active reference from our customers. Website shall be enhanced in term of SEO. No social media or external platforms shall be used for promotional purposes.