Temporary Management: not only regulatory!

Temporary Management: not only regulatory!

Siam Trade Development is not only focused in Regulatory services, but also providing Temporary Management in industry sector.

We support developing companies in their daily activities, especially in time of travel restrictions.

This is our commitment with Age Thai Co., Ltd., leading company in aluminium industry automation. Project started in August 2021: see our post here.

In last months the company organized trhe productive plant in Wang Noi, and now commercial activity is starting.

Our Managing Director, Dr. Diego Sala, supported the Project Consultant, Mr. Simeone Gazzani, owner of Gazzani Engineering SRL, mother company in Italy.

By visiting its client portfolio, composed by the main alulminium products manufacturers, AGE Thai is effectively proposing its machineries and services in ASEAN market.

Siam Trade Development supports all foreign projects in Thailand with its services of Regulatory, License Holding and Temporary Management. Contact us to know more: +66 02 1006351 or [email protected]